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‍‍‍Relocation Project - Update

The Board of directors is pleased to inform you that Westboro Academy is currently in late stage negotiations on a lo

cation we have been in discussions on for several months.

Key Facts on the Potential New Location:

●        Former elementary school with a gym

●        More than double our current overall space

●        Located within 5 minute drive of our current location

●        Good access to the main travel routes

●        Target: September 2019

The facility meets our requirements for long-term stability and an improved school environment where we will continue to deliver our excellent program. It is a former elementary school with a gymnasium and classroom sizes that our teachers and students have been dreaming of.

In this facility, we will more than double our current overall space, giving us wonderful opportunities to run our programs and expand our teaching and learning opportunities.

It is located within 2.5 km of our current location and has good access to the main travel routes of many of our families. We are thrilled to be moving ahead with such a terrific site and facility.

We plan to start the September 2019 school year in this new location.

W‍‍‍e will update this post as more information becomes available.