The Style Council

Student Council‍‍‍‍‍‍



Democracy is an important part of living in our culture, and Westboro Academy students learn about it first hand from an early age. All of our students are represented by an elected Student Council. Each September, students from grades 4-8 run for elections. They run a campaign educating their schoolmates about their ideas and hopes for the school and culminate the period with bilingual speeches to the entire school community. After learning about the democratic process, all the students are eligible to vote for their preferred candidates.‍‍‍

Throughout the remainder of each school year, this Council leads the school on a number of levels. They act as role models and mentors, but also spearhead initiatives that will benefit their constituents. Some of these initiatives include charity fundraising, ideas to maintain high levels of school spirit, fun days and global awareness. They also include school improvements and service initiatives.

Having a student council gives wonderful opportunities to demonstrate the democratic process, but also for leadership to emerge and for voices to be heard.