School Communi‍‍‍ty

Westboro Academy is a small and familial community. With only 160 students, and only one class per grade, we are a very close and tightly knit group. The older and younger children play together. Everybody is known to one another. All the staff know all the children by name, and every child is an individual. Our small class sizes also create an environment where relationships are close and people grow to understand each other in meaningful ways. Many parents are very involved in school life. There are opportunities to be on the Board of Directors, to be the Head of School’s Committees members, or to make yourself available for other volunteer activities such as skating parties, The Holiday Show, the Terry Fox run, August BBQ, concerts, and many more. For those that are interested, there are many ways to get involved in school life. We rely on parental involvement as a critical part of our operations, but also as part of our community building. Our strong community sets us apart from other schools. Our teachers and administrators are easily accessible, and every family becomes well known to them. People who come to Westboro Academy come here because our size allows us to build relationships. There is a strong sense of belonging, and having a community means that Westboro students learn in a caring, supportive, and nurturing family.

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