Grades 7-8



Our middle school program emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving, strong study skills and all curriculum areas are applied to today’s world and our society by direct links to current events: locally, nationally and internationally. Personal relevance and application to real world situations form an important part of the studies at this level. Grade 7 and 8 students approach their work with greater autonomy. The theories derived from Howard Gardner’s research on multiple intelligences are applied to the students’ assignments. Students investigate their own personal intelligence profile as well as their personal learning style while recognizing that we are capable of learning under almost any style.

Learning and Life Skills in the Middle School

Middle school is a time of transition. Students at this level are able to take on greater responsibility and leadership. They also have increasing needs for academic and social independence. We recognize these traits and have designed the middle school program to meet the unique needs of the students. New courses are introduced at this level to help students succeed with the increasing academic demands and to prepare them for high school and the years beyond. In grade 7, students take part in a weekly course “Study and Organizational Skills”. In grade 8, the preparation course is called “Getting Ready for High School”. This also takes place weekly and is designed to help students succeed both socially and academically with their transition. Our middle school students gain many privileges only available at this level. These privileges are designed to help them practice being responsible in a safe environment. Furthermore, opportunities for leadership are abundant. Middle school students can develop leadership skills by‍‍‍ participating on the Students Council, being House Captains, Admissions Ambassadors, tutors and more.