‍‍‍Grad‍‍‍es 1-3

The primary grades at Westboro help our grades 1-3 students acquire the solid foundations they need for future success. We have a rigorous program that nurtures the whole child and fosters a sense of belonging, citizenship and responsibility. Because we focus on the whole child, Westboro Academy ensures a balance between traditional academics, the arts, and ph‍‍‍ysical education as well as a focus on respect, integrity and excellence.

Starting in grade 1, the students’ instruction time becomes bilingual. Students have alternating mornings and afternoons of French and English. They also join specialists for Science, Art, Music and Physical Education. By the end of grade 3, standardized testing has proven that our students are typically performing at levels almost a full year ahead of the Canadian norm.

The primary grades mark the introduction of homework, both in French and in English. However, there is a compulsory 30 minute teacher-assisted homework period at the end of each day from Monday to Thursday. Many students find this time sufficient to get their work done, leaving more time at home for other activities.