Brenda Dunlop

English/Math Teacher‍‍‍

Mrs. Brenda graduated in 1992 from the Concurrent Education Program, at Queen’s University. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in sociology and a Bachelor of Education with certification at the primary/junior levels. Prior to coming to Westboro Academy, she used her E.S.L. experience teaching grades one and four for nine years at international schools in Cartagena, Colombia and Kuwait. While at Colegio Jorge Washington, Brenda was head of the science committee responsible for reviewing the related curriculum and faculty representative of the elementary student council. She also implemented a Leadership League and annual science fair during her time at The Universal American School in Kuwait. Since 2002, Brenda has used her overseas experiences to enrich the curriculum she teaches in grades one and four at Westboro Academy. She takes great pride in running the annual Halloween extravaganza and coordinating the events for Reading Week. When not working, Mrs. Brenda continues to enjoy travelling and cultural outings.