School is about a lot of things for the students and families at Westboro Academy.  While academic excellence remains a top priority, we recognize that the development of a child involves many different aspects.  Because of this, the experiences we provide extends well beyond the books, in order to allow for the development of the whole child. The social and emotional development of Westboro students is fostered and encouraged by our talented teachers. Children are given many opportunities to learn about positive interactions and teamwork whereby they learn about conflict resolution, develop self-esteem, learn to make compromises, to share, to negotiate and to and see things from different points of view.  Our lessons, facility, activities and logistics are all designed to maximize the positive social development of all of our students. Westboro Academy students are also given plenty of opportunities to develop as physically active children.  Through the use of all of the facilities at our doorstep, and encouragement of our team, our students pursue an active and healthy lifestyle and learn to integrate activity into their lifestyle. Our children are engaged in pursuing many interests beyond the lessons of the classroom. Through field trips, clubs, our After School Program, community service, and the Student Council Westboro Academy students are engages in a range of interests and pursuits.



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