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At Westboro, we take our academics very seriously. We expect a lot from our students, and they expect a lot of themselves. We follow a combined curriculum from Ontario and from Quebec to meet the needs of our bilingual program. This way, our students are following the expectations for two first languages. There is no question that it is demanding, but our eager students, under the guidance of outstanding teachers, quickly rise to meet their full potential. We use the provincial curriculum standards as a starting point and enrich it wherever possible. Students explore learning from a variety of perspectives and develop strategies for problem solving and critical thinking. They become independent learners and high achievers who employ strategies of determination and organization as life tools that extend beyond school.

While real learning and achievement are hard to measure, we are very proud of the results that are able to be measured.

We use the CAT-4. The CAT-4 is a nationally normed achievement test. Students writing this test are compared to the group of Canadian students used to norm the test; therefore, the results compare your child to the grade-appropriate, normed sample. Items on this test are curriculum items common to Canadian provinces and territories. The testing generates a percentile rank that indicates the percentage of Canadian, grade 6 or grade 3 students in the spring term that would score the same or lower on the tested items.

A score at the 50th percentile rank indicates an average score as half of the same-grade population would score better on the tested items and half the population would score lower on the tested items. A percentile rank of 91 indicates that 8% of the same-grade population would score higher on the tested items; whereas, 90% would not fare as well. A score between the 25th and 75th percentile rank indicates a score that falls within the average range (as compared to the Canadian-normed sample for that grade). Scores above the 75th percent‍‍‍ile place the student in the top quarter of the population.



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