A Day at Camp‍‍‍

Arriving at Camp:

Option A: 9:00 am- 4:00 pm

Option B: 8:00 am – 5:30 pm

Check In:

Parents are asked to bring their children to the south entrance of Westboro Academy. Weather permitting; campers will begin their day in the schoolyard of Westboro Academy. In case of rain, please enter by the south side of the building, and refer to the communication bo‍‍‍ard for the location of your child’s group. For safety reasons, all campers must be signed out by their parent or guardian.‍‍‍

Late Arrivals:  Programs begin at 9am. Should you arrive later, please report to the Camp office to sign in your child(ren).‍‍

Early Departures:  Should you need to pick up your child before 4 pm, please contact the Camp office to make arrangements, or report to the office upon your arrival. 613-737-9543.  

Check-out Procedures: Campers will only be allowed to leave with the people authorized to pick them up. (See registration form). If you are not recognized by the staff member, you will be asked for identification.



Summer Camp Schedule


Summer Camp Registration