Westboro Academy

A truly bilingual school since 1993

Our Staff

Marie-Pier, Coordinator and French Teacher

Marie-PierPresently completing a Master’s degree in Education at the University of Ottawa starting September 2013, Marie-Pier holds a Bachelor’s in Human Kinetics and also received her Bachelor’s of Education specializing in the elementary level. Marie-Pier is also the french ressource teacher, here at Westboro Academy. In addition to coaching several sports teams, Marie-Pier has been working as a substitute teacher and trainee for a few years in different schools of the Outaouais region. In 2010, Marie-Pier travelled to Ecuador for a 6 weeks period, to teach physical education and English language classes and considers this the most beneficial experience both personally and academically. When she is not working, Marie-Pier enjoys traveling, photography and sports. Dynamic, creative and determined, she is proud to join the Westboro Academy team sharing the love of teaching, including the French language.

 Valérie, French Teacher

ValérieValerie has a Bachelor’s in Education from the University of Ottawa. She has taught children of all ages for many years. Travelling and teaching around the globe, she’s passionate about languages and enjoys seing the excitment in the eyes of her students. With her happy busy life of three kids, she currently works as a substitute teacher at the Wesboro Academy and is planning to return to a full time position in September 2016.

 Stéphanie, French Teacher

StéphanieStéphanie is currently completing her master’s degree in Education (Concentration: Studies in Teaching and
 Learning) at the University of Ottawa. She holds a Bachelor’s in Health Sciences, a Bachelor’s of Education specializing in the elementary level as well as an Additional Qualification in Special education. Stéphanie has been working as a resource teacher as well as a substitute teacher throughout the year, and has lots of experience working with children with autism. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, hiking and reading. This will be Stéphanie’s second year at the Westboro Academy summer camp.

Carinne, French Teacher


Mélanie, French Teacher


Mélina, Camp Counsellor

MélinaMélina completed her first year of university in social work at the University of Ottawa. In the future she would like to work as a social worker with young people in difficulty. Mélina also loves working with children of all ages. She will begin her second year as a counsellor at Westboro summer camp.


Louis, Camp Counsellor

Louis FotsoLouis has completed his health science program at La Cité. Although he plans to be a cardiologist doctor, he really likes working with children of all ages. He did voluntary work as a counsellor’s helper at Calvary Baptist church, and also worked as a tutor in science courses at La Cité. This will be Louis’ second year working at the Westboro summer camp.

Erinn, Camp Counsellor

Erinn Photo

Leonnelle, Camp Counsellor