Westboro Academy

A truly bilingual school since 1993


DSC_9837The participation of parent volunteers on various school committees that report to the Principal, and that participate in various school events & activities during the academic year remains a key element in the continuing success of Westboro Academy. Such participation provides the ideal opportunity for all parents to apply their talent, energy and enthusiasm towards achieving short and long-term goals and objectives at Westboro for the greater benefit of all students. Importantly, it also enables the Board of Directors to maintain school tuition fees at a lower reasonable level. As per last year, parents are strongly encouraged to participate in Westboro committees, and/or a class (parent) activity/project.

(1) Westboro Committees: These committees tend to have longer-term goals, involve interaction with outside groups, and require parent volunteers from across the school parent body. The committees have a Chair and report directly to the Principal. The Westboro committees include:

(a) Schoolyard Improvement Committee The School Yard Improvement Committee will include the Garden Committee. The Committee looks after the garden in front of the school. It will be involved many initiatives during the school year. The committee has been very active in improving the school yard in different manners, stencils, games, playground equipment and is always trying to improve the school yard for the benefit of our students.

(b) French Committee The mandate of the French committee is to encourage our students and their families to use French and discover the French culture in school and outside school hours through various cultural and educational activities. We seek parents who have a passion for the French language and culture, and who are looking for French events/activities in the region. The committee plans to implement simple and concrete solutions to encourage the use of French outside school hours for our students and their families, which will help our children to better succeed in class and in their homework.

(c) Library Committee This committee is responsible for maintaining the school library – shelving returned books and generally keeping things in order. An ongoing project is to complete the logging of the books. This committee will be responsible for assisting the librarian to return books to the shelves and with the French and English Scholastic Book Fairs.

(d) Marketing/ translation Committee This committee helps/assists with advertising and public relations initiatives that encourage applications for admission to the Academy. These initiatives include; helping to promote media coverage (articles, photos, radio announcements, television clips, etc.); helping with/ perhaps participating in, educational fairs and displays, and for materials needed in support of marketing initiatives such as Open Houses, and evaluation of marketing initiatives. Participation can be tailored to specific activities and events.

(e) Uniform Committee The Uniform Committee runs the Used Clothing Sale which is available through the school. The Committee will also try to sell what is left of the new uniforms in stock.

(f) Yearbook Committee This committee is responsible for the production of the yearbook, from photographing the various school events and field trips through the year, to choosing photos and creating the page layouts. It involves a preliminary meeting at the start of the year, and a couple towards the end of the school year to proof the yearbook. The bulk of the correspondence is done by email.

(2) Class (parent) activities/projects: The class activity/project will provide parents within a given class the opportunity to contribute to a specific school activity or project that will directly benefit the entire Westboro school community. After choosing a representative and an assistant class representative, parents jointly will manage the class activity/project.