Westboro Academy

A truly bilingual school since 1993

Field Trips

SAM_6130Field trips form a critical component of the educational program at Westboro. Field trips provide a framework for understanding curriculum covered in class, they enrich learning by providing “real-life” experiences for the students to relate to. The unique experiences provided by field trips provide significant learning opportunities as they enable students to better understand and appreciate the world around them, provide experiences that cannot be duplicated in the classroom and provide students with access to expertise in the community. Westboro arranges that every class either participates in a field trip or receives a guest presentation each month. Some of the field trips our students participate in, over one year might include: • Performances at the National Arts Centre, • Workshops at the Museum of Science and Technology • Presentations and exhibits at the Museum of Civilization • Trips to Saunders Farm • The Pumpkin Run • Visits to the National Gallery • Workshops at the Museum of Nature • Ray’s Reptiles • Downhill skiing at Vorlage • Downhill skiing at Mont Cascades • Author presentations • Trip to Papanack Zoo • Space Camp • Upper Canada Village • Trip to Quebec City • YMCA exchange to another province (for grades 7/8)