Westboro Academy

A truly bilingual school since 1993

Supervised homework periods

2014WestboroSelects-1731At the end of the school day, Westboro Academy students in grades 1-6 have a mandatory 30 minute supervised homework period. The time period from 3:15 -3:45 pm each day from Monday through Thursday is reserved for homework. The classroom teacher assists the students in organizing their work and in getting it done with a high level of understanding. Many students are able to get all of their work done during this time (although this is grade dependent) leaving evenings free for other activities. No homework is assigned for the weekends although many students use this time to work on longer term assignments and projects. There is a balance between the French homeroom teacher and the English homeroom teacher who is available during the supervised homework period, thus ensuring that students get the help they need in each language of instruction.