Westboro Academy

A truly bilingual school since 1993

Resource & Enrichment

2014WestboroSelects-1458While enrichment and “extra help” are part of what Westboro teachers do every day, several of the classroom teachers are also made available to students for additional attention by providing a formal, structured resource and/or enrichment program. Many of Westboro’s students benefit from an enrichment program that challenges them, develops their critical thinking skills and enables them to work for a time period on material that is somewhat different from their classmates. Certain times are set aside each week for these sessions to take place in every class. Also, some students benefit from assistance in developing their language skills in either French or English to meet the demands of our bilingual program. This resource is provided for students during the school day. Finally, some students need assistance with a particular aspect of their learning, in order to meet their full potential. We have qualified special education teachers who help students face these challenges also. Our Resource Program may take place on an individual basis or in small groups of up to four students, depending on the need.