Westboro Academy

A truly bilingual school since 1993

Parent Testimonials

Our children wake up every morning excited and happy to go to school.  They have had a wonderful academic and social experience at Westboro Academy.  The two of them have exceeded our expectations with respect to language development in both English and French.  Even at this level, our children are ready, willing and able to do homework, write tests and present projects to their classmates .  It is more than apparent that teachers here love what they do and their passion and excitement allows the children to learn and have fun at the same time. The teachers we have had the pleasure of knowing since JK have been very nurturing.  Not to mention the rest of the staff at the school.  Everyone knows our children’s names in this small community, and it is not unusual to see older students in the playground helping the younger ones get a good push on the swings or leading them to the office to get a bandaid for a scraped knee. We are very pleased with the bilingual education they are receiving and impressed with how teaching styles are adapted easily to individual students needs. We would strongly recommend Westboro Academy as a safe, motivating, and enriching bilingual experience and feel confident that it has been the right choice for our family.

Chimen  Sabbagh, Parent

“Our family has been part of Westboro Academy since 2002 when our oldest daughter started JK. 
She in now in Grade 6 (2009-2010) and is looking forward to the Grade 7 & 8 program. Our other daughter also started in JK and is currently in Grade 2. Both of our children are thriving and enjoy going to school at Westboro Academy. We chose Westboro Academy for its guaranteed small class size and its bilingual program. We are very pleased with the teachers and their abilities. Over the years, we have also been pleased with the stability of the teaching staff.” “We like having daily access to all teachers & staff. We find the English and French curriculum to be rigorous and complete. While we are not French-speaking; our children can now enjoy speaking, reading & writing in French.” “We enjoy being part of the parent volunteers and being encouraged to take an active part in school activities and field trips. We also make ad-hoc use of the very conveniently structured after-four program with its supervised homework period. ” “We like the school’s small size where all the students and teachers and staff all know each other. 
The school’s location in Brewer Park is just perfect for us and they make full use of the surrounding facilities, like Brewer Pool, Brewer Arena, Brewer Park’s soccer fields / speed-skating oval and Carleton University gyms.” “We would highly recommend Westboro Academy for any family looking for a small, bilingual, not for profit private school.”

Clinton Lee, Parent

We have two daughters at Westboro.  In both cases, we couldn’t be happier. Having thought a lot about why we feel so strongly, I think that there are three main reasons. The first, and by far the most important, is the high quality of the education. As educators ourselves, it was important to us that our children receive a strong education in both English and French, and in all of the various subjects. We have been extremely impressed. They have been challenged (but also supported) in precisely the ways that will maximize their learning experience at this age. There was an inevitable adjustment when they each arrived at Westboro, simply because the education is so much stronger than they had been getting, but in both cases, the school quietly and unobtrusively provided extra support until they had caught up to their peers. Without exception, their teachers have made it a rewarding process for them. As impressed as we have been with their teachers, though, it is more than just these individuals. Westboro has managed to foster a culture of learning where the children’s education genuinely matters. The quality of the education was definitely our top priority, but it was also for very important for us that our children feel happy there. We were eager to send them to a school where they would feel a sense of real community with the other children. This has exceeded even our greatest hopes. Both of them have been welcomed into close-knit, enthusiastic, and friendly groups of students.  They are as happy going to school each day as we are about the education that they are receiving there. Again, I don’t believe that this is any accident. Part of the culture of learning that Westboro seems to have managed to nurture is a sense of collegiality. The children treat each other with respect but it’s more than that. We’re struck, again and again, by the spirit of generosity, thoughtfulness, and friendship that epitomizes these kids’ relations to each other. That is true within each grade (including between the boys and girls) and between the older and younger kids as well. Finally, after our growing frustration with the local school they had been attending before Westboro, it was important that it be an institution that listened to us.  Once again, we couldn’t be happier. From the school principal, Meg Garrard, and the staff who work with her, to Kimberley at the front desk, to every one of our children’s teachers, the people at Westboro have always made the time to talk to us about any concerns or ideas we may have had. Even more than that, they have made it clear that they are eager to hear what we have to say. And we come away from these discussions feeling like we have been speaking with people who genuinely share our priorities and our concerns. Few things are important to us than our children’s happiness and education. On both of those counts, we could not be happier.

 Paul Keen and Cynthia Sugars

“Our family cannot imagine a better choice than Westboro Academy for providing a child with a truly bilingual experience and solid foundation to higher education. Our daughter attended Westboro Academy starting in Junior Kindergarten through to Grade 6 and looking back at the experience we had as a family, it was all positive. We were regular users of the Before and After School programs which gave us immense ease of mind knowing that after drop-off in the morning and pick-up in the afternoon, our daughter was in a safe, friendly “home away from home” for the entire day, with enriching and fun activities and also had a chance to complete most of her homework.” “The academic programs led by caring and professional teachers gave our daughter all the tools she needed when she reached high school including study habits that are now second nature, organizational skills that will be invaluable in University and the workplace, and a sense of family and community that came from small class sizes, individual attention from teachers, and also from the fact that all students, young and older know each other and spend time together and help each other.” “We are an Anglophone family and are constantly amazed by our daughter’s French skills and degree of bilingualism attained while at Westboro Academy. Her French teachers in high school have continually told us that she is far ahead of her fellow students that went through other programs, particularly immersion programs in the Public system. Coupled with the academic foundation gained at Westboro and continued in high school and a bilingual high school certificate we anticipate that our daughter’s options for the future are limitless.” “Thank you, Westboro Academy for living up to all of our expectations.”

Eileen McGregor