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We are a proud leader in bilingual education for boys and girls from JK to grade 8. Our small, co-ed community and commitment to excellence make us a private school of choice for Ottawa families.

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Westboro Academy Teams Impress at the Destination Imagination Provincial Tournament

On Saturday, April 7, our two teams, The Power Builders (Gr. 4 & 5) and the Miraculous Minds (Gr. 5) competed against outstanding teams at the Destination Imagination Provincial Tournament.  This was the Power Builders' first year in the competition and we are very proud of their win in the Ottawa competition which allowed them to compete in the Provincials.  This was the Miraculous Minds' second year in the competitions and they not only won first place in their category along with a special judge's award for creativity in the Ottawa competition, but they took first place in the Provi‍‍‍ncial tournament and were invited to compete in the Global Championships in Tennessee in May.  Well done Westboro Academy!